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Non dig technology pipe lining

Trenchless technology is a much less intrusive repair method and eliminates the disruption of digging. In some circumstances the only way to resolve this problem is by excavation and replacement of the defective section of drain run e.g. the total collapse of drainage.


Non Dig Technology Pipe Lining


Various techniques are used for this including more specialised multiple bend lining.  The minimum area treated can be anything from 75mm up to a maximum of 1000mm using the specific lining technique needed to meet the needs of the client and the job.  This may involve using a technique which repairs the damaged pipe or, if needed, relining the whole section of damaged pipe.  In cases where the lining repair crosses a junction all connections are cut out by the use of a Lateral Cutter to allow the continuous flow of water.


Patch liners can be used to repair localised damage where full end-to-end lining would be unnecessary.  This method involves placing a piece of impregnated matter on an elongated inflatable bladder and guiding it into place with the help of a CCTV camera.  When it is precisely located, the bladder is inflated, pressing the patch into place.  The pressure is maintained until the patch has cured, the bladder is then deflated and withdrawn, and the job is done.  Patch liners are becoming increasingly popular for dealing with isolated defects, offering a cost-effective alternative to a full liner or other repair.

We carry out small and large repairs and offer high-quality work at competitive prices.